Class 4 Steam Indicator Strip

Class 4 Steam Indicator

PMSSteriTest Class 4 Multi-Variable Steam Indicator Strips are designed to be used in steam sterilizers operating at 134˚C – 3.5 minutes. The indicator strips can be used in every pack and will provide assurance of steam penetration into the packs.

The water based and non-toxic chemical indicator in compliance with ISO 11140-1 will show a clear and accurate color change from blue to black after successful steam sterilization.

PMSSteriTest indicator strips are cost effective and can be divided into two seperate pieces for economical use.

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Product Description

  • Dual strip design
  • Designed for STEAM sterilization at 134˚C – 3.5 minutes
  • Water based, non-toxic chemical indicator
  • Clear and accurate color change
  • Manufactured in absence of lead and other heavy metals

Ordering Information

Code Description Qnty / Package Unit/Box
IS2401 Class 4 Steam Indicator Strips 250 dual strips 48 packages


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2 Class 4 Steam Indicator Strips Technical Data Sheet