neuster h2o2 Plasma Sterilizer

Elegance meets Utility

Neuster SW Series Sterilization Systems are the latest development in low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilization. They are designed with most advanced electronic and mechanical features for fully automated safety & control to serve your facility years after years.

Ready to use, just plug in and start. No additional installations are required. Reduced weigh and device mobility enables easy relocatişon and superior compatibility to your CSSD. All sterilizers are designed for optimum use of power and low energy consumption, without affecting the performance.

All sterilizers are featured with a touchscreen computer control. One touch sliding menu provides easy operator access to detailed device controls, cycle records and settings.

Equipped with most powerful device components more rapid sterilization cycles and faster sterilization load flow at CSSD’s are now possible.

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Product Description

Chamber Design


Light and Durable
Neuster SW series sterilizers are equipped with weight reduced aluminium chambers coated with specially formulated PTFE polymers.
Applied polymer coating is both non-stick and scratch resistant. Neuster device chambers will remain clean and brand new looking even after years of operation and intense utilization.

Each shelf is capable to carry a sterilization load of max. 30kg.







Residue free sterilization
Neuster SW hydrogen peroxide sterilizers utilize a RF plasma system to provide residue free sterilization. The plasma system is activated during the sterilization process and enables the composition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygene molecules.

Sterilization with plasma provides user safety and is environmental friendly.






User Interface


One touch start cycle
Neuster SW devices feature unique sliding menu configuration allowing operators single touch run of a cycle and accessibility over various user controls from a single menu frame. Unlike common difficult to use screen keyboards, the operator identification is achieved through an electronic ID card.




Sterilization Cycle & Agent

pms-healthcare-hydrogen-peroxide-sterilizaiton-05Neuster SW series h2o2 plasma sterilization systems perform three different and pre-validated sterilization cycles defined by the sterilization load, duration and varying process parameters. With the one touch start cycle feature the user is able to select the best suiting program for medical devices to be sterilized.

Cycle Durations
Short Cycle: 30 min.
Standard Cycle: 45 min.
Long Cycle: 55 min.


Sterilization Agent

Neuster SW sterilizers are making use of 150ml bottled %58 hydrogen peroxide as sterilization agent to perform 15 cycles. Sterilization agents are seperately validated and electronically traceable.

An automated front loading system is employed to accept or reject sterilization agent bottles. Usage data and validation credentials are stored and readily accessible.



High Performance

  • Three pre-validated sterilization cycles
  • Sterilization of heat and moisture sensitive medical devices
  • Detailed documented sterilization efficiency and material compatibility studies

Low Running Costs

  • Complete solution and service provider
  • Validated consumables
  • h2o2 sterilization agent for 15 cycles
  • Time and cycle cost saving

Advanced Technology

  • Sterilization efficiency by advanced vaporizer system
  • Improved RF Plasma technology
  • User and Sterilant traceability with RFID
  • USB, WIFI and LAN connectivity

Use Ergonomics

  • Understandable and easy to use interface
  • Hands-free loading with foot sensor
  • Real time cycle monitoring and recording
  • Validatable sterilization process
  • Mobile and flexible

Environment & User Friendly

  • No toxic or hazardous residue
  • H2O2 composed to water and oxygen during sterilization
  • Plug & Start feature
  • No need for complicated water supply or air ventilation systems.

iF Design Award

Neuster awarded for elegance and utility


Neuster h2o2 Plasma Sterilizer was recognized with the iF Design Award in the product category for medicine, healtcare for its ergonomic design and impressive features. With its minimal and modern design, neuster h2o2 plasma sterilizer strikes perfect balance between elegance and utility.

The sterilizer provides exceptional sterilization performance and user comfort thanks to its sophisticated technology and user interface. The front surface is covered with block schock resistant glass surface combined with a large sized capacitive touchscreen.

About If Design Awards iF Design (International Forum Design GmbH and iF Industrie Forum Design e.V) has been known for 60 years as a mediator between the worlds of design and business. The International Forum Design GmbH organizes the iF design awards, which include three major awards in product, communication and packaging design.

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