Pouchmate Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device
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Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device

Pouchmate medical sealing device for hospital and industry applications is a combined self-cutting and sealing device that contributes to your productivity and flexibility independence by providing an unparalleled blend of benefits.

Common sterilization packaging process requires different devices and high labor power. Pouchmate medical sealing device, converts cutting and sealing processes into an all-in-one solution and turns workspace to a more productive and flexible area. The fully automated process helpds to decrease the workload and reduces labor costs up to 70%.

Pouchmate can master high volume operations easily and patented automatic cutting and sealing feature makes Pouchmate capable of producing ready to fill pouches from multiple reels, with a high production efficiency of more than 5.000 pouches per hour.

Pouchmate can process reels made of medical grade paper/film and Tyvek packaging up to a width of 40cm and can be also used for manual sealing of filled pouches.

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Product Description

Automatic Cutting & Sealing
Adjust the required pouch length and needed quantity then start the program. Pouchmate will produce ready to fill pouches fully automatically. It can also be used as a cutting machine separately to meet your special length demand from 50mm up to 1.000mm.

Multiple Reel Loading
Up to total load width of 40cm, the Pouchmate can be loaded with different reels of varying widths. Determine your needs, start your operation and increase your productivity by multiplying your outcome.

In-Feed Sealing
Filled pouches can be easily sealed with Pouchmate. The adjustable sealing speed feature helps to manage your high volume operations without compromising seal quality.