Sterilization Reel

Sterilization Reel

PMSSteripack heat-sealable sterilization reels are constructed from transparent PET/PP multi-layers copolymer film and medical grade paper. Process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization are applied on the paper surface of the reel and help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages.

All process indicators are water based and non-toxic inks and meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 11140-1 standard and provide accurate and clear color change after sterilization process.

Wide range of standard sizes allows optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each item and for double packing purposes and as a requirement of EN ISO 11607 all equipments, machines and processes used for PMSSteripack sterilization reel manufacturing, process validation has been conducted.

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Product Description

  • fda-cleared-510kSuperior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medikal grade paper conforming EN 868-3
  • Transparent, reinforced multilayer co-polymer PET/PP film
  • ISO 11140-1 certified water based, non-toxic and accurate process indicator
  • Three independent seal lines
  • Excellent gas permeability and microbial barrier properties
  • Can be easily sealed with all sealing machines
  • Manufactured under validated production process.